George and Ghost is a book about a little boy and his special friend.

One day George decides he doesn’t believe in Ghost anymore and the onus is now on Ghost to prove that he exists.

George and Ghost delves into the world of what’s real and what’s not and does it matter anyway. A great book for children of an age when books should be encouraging their imagination to flourish. George and Ghost shows them that it’s okay for them to see the world in a different way to others.

This is a beautiful book for young children with themes of friendship, trust and perceptions. I also like the science themes explored in this book. Catriona Hoy who is a secondary school science teacher has cleverly woven some interesting detail and science experiments into this story for younger readers in a way that will amaze and engage them.

I loved that this book doesn’t tell you what to think or how you should believe. The ending is left up to the imagination and interpretation of the reader.

The text is very active and carries the reader along, but there are also clever insights into what George is thinking and feeling.

Cassia Thomas has done the stunning illustrations for this book. Her beautiful child friendly pictures will allay anyone’s fears that ghosts are too scary a topic for this age group. Like George, ghost is simply gorgeous. He is a gentle funny friend – the kind you’d want to take home as company for your young child.


In George and Ghost, George questions his friendship with Ghost, and asks Ghost to prove that he is real.

Think of a hard to answer question that you asked as a child or a hard to answer question that your child or a child you know, has asked of you? The five hardest questions (as judged by George and Ghost author, Catriona Hoy) will win a copy of Catriona’s fabulous new book.


To be in the running to win one of the five copies of George and Ghost, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:

1. Write your “hard to answer” question in the comments section at the end of this post.

2.  Next to your entry, write your country of origin.

3.   Submit your entry before 12 midnight Sunday 12th March, Australian time.

FIVE entries will be winners

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  1. “What happens when you die?” a hard question to give am honest answer to..when asked by a 5 year old

  2. If you arent supposed to judge people because you dont know them does, that mean you have to judge people you DO know?

    From my 7 year old

  3. when confronted with kids telling my child before lost first tooth that toothfairy is your parents told her that maybe the toothfairy makes herself look like your parents to not scare you and oh it will scare me if i go in your room find myself already in there!

  4. This is one that went around my school during religious studies…
    Was Adam and Eve coloured or white? The question always brings up debates about how we get the different colours and races.

  5. My three year old has an interesting take on colours. He knows all of the names of them but when we sit with his cars and I quiz him, “What colour is this car?” he’ll say blue when it’s green, or yellow when it’s white, red when it’s black. I pointed to a blue car and asked him, “What colour is this car?’ “It’s green.” he said. “No, it’s blue.” I said. He stuck to his guns and declared it green for a good ten minutes. Once we were both laughing and saying “it’s blue.’ -”it’s green.” back and forth he stopped and said seriously. “why can’t blue be green?” Why indeed

  6. After my 10 year old heard all about where babies come from she asked” Why do they refer to it as the Birds and the Bees then , whats that got to do with Birds and Bees doing it?” I couldn’t answer her!!!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for your great comments and questions. Keep those entries coming. You can enter more than once.

    If you have entered but not put what country you are from in your entry, can you please just add a comment and let us know, and we should be able to match it with your entry.



  8. At the funeral of our grandfather, my seven year old cousin overheard someone explaining the process of cremation. She asked why someone set her grandpa on fire. I didn’t know how to answer that one.

    United States

  9. This one has gone into familly folklore. My son, (now a father himself) asked and answered:

    “Why do we have floors?”
    When I replied “What do you think?” he said
    “So people don’t fall out of the bottom of their houses!”


  10. Son:- “Mummy what are the creatures that live in the walls?”
    Me:- “Sorry! What creatures?”
    Son:- “You know! The ones that bang on the wall in the middle of the night.”
    Me:- “Oh”
    His bedroom shares a wall with our bedroom, you can connect the dots.

  11. My daughter has asked me whilst trying to choose a cd to listen to….”What would you rather listen to, High School Musical or Justin Bieber?” (I had no answer for her!)

  12. Can I share one too???

    ‘I came out of your tummy, mummy didn’t I?’


    ‘And Kiera came out of your tummy?’

    ‘Did Daddy come out of your tummy?’

    No…he came out of Grandma Helen’s tummy. that’s why she’s daddy’s mummy and your grandmother.

    ‘Well where did Grandad come from then, did he come out of Grandma Helen’s tummy too?

    I realised my daughter thought that Mum’s gave birth to the Dad’s first, then the children. …

    I’d have trained him a bit better if I had!

  13. When my third child was little – about 3 – she was admiring a beautiful American Negro baby on TV. Her slightly older sister said, “I’m going to have a black baby like that.”
    Younger one answered so, so confidently , “I’m not. I’m going to have a green one.”
    Sensing sibling giggles she demanded of me, “I can so, can’t I mummy! You said when I get to be a big girl I can do whatever I want! Didn’t you?”

  14. One more… Just because it’s always made me chuckle. Same daughter at about the same age (3) came to me one day and asked quite confidentially:

    “Mummy, do your ears talk to each other too?”

  15. I was in a cafe with my then 4 year old daughter and we ordered a sausage roll each. She said to the waitress, “are these free range sausage rolls?”


  16. Okay, Madame Science Teacher, here’s one for you. 😛 If colour is reflected light, how do we have tubes of coloured paint – and coloured pencils. And yet the colour is always the same… How do we MAKE and define colour when it is only reflected light? (And am I even making sense???)

  17. We have quite a number, especially about babies etc but usually asked at awkward moments. This one isn’t about origins though so it is one I remember clearly.

    On the arrival of a new baby sister (with 2 older brothers)
    ‘oh no Mummy, disaster, her penis has broken off (looks in nappy). Where can we buy her a new one?’

  18. Why can’t you see gravity? (my 4 year old asked me this after I’d spent a long time explaining what gravity is! No matter how much you tell her, she always comes up with more questions…)

  19. Thanks everyone for your great entries.


    Winners will be announced on this blog once Catriona Hoy has had a chance to judge all the entries.


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