Why You Should Be Reading YA Author, Derek Landy’s, Books

If you haven’t read any books by YA author, Derek Landy, then you’re missing out. He’s written a whole conglomeration of books centred around a living skeleton (it’s awesome, trust me) and now his latest book Demon Road is releasing in August. Which is exciting. Are you excited? I AM EXCITED.

But in case you’re staring at this blog post and mumbling, “But who the heck is Derek Landy?” then I have an epic list of reasons you need to acquaint yourself with his writing. ASAP.



1. He’s the inventor of Skulduggery Pleasant. Skulduggery is a sassy skeleton detective, bent on saving the world from evil magic. He stars in a 9-book series, which brings me to…

2. Derek Landy writes A LOT. You know that awkward moment when you find a newly beloved author and run about the streets shrieking their greatness? And then you find they only wrote one book, omg, no no no?! Derek Landy will NOT let you down like that. Along with the 9-book Skulduggery Pleasant collection, there is a hoard of novellas (some over 200 pgs as well, so they’re basically books in themselves)  and also his new American-set series to look forward to.

3. Did I mention he’s Irish? WELL. HE’S IRISH. Magical, dark fantasy, set in Ireland is just plain terrific.

4. His humour is perfectly dry and witty. Sarcastic wit is my favourite. Skulduggery and his apprentice, Stephanie Edgley, have an almost Sherlock/Watson relationship. They banter. They look out for each other. Their quips are the kind you’ll want to frame on your wall.

“I’m not going to just stand by and do nothing,” she said through gritted teeth.
“You can, as I said, cheer my name, if you want.” ~ Death Bringer, book 6

5. Derek Landy is awesome in interviews. In this interview he answers the question of “where do you get your ideas from” with “from my brain”.

6. Derek Landy is ridiculous funny on twitter. You know how some authors just tweet links and news about their books? Well, Derek Landy tweets about his writing process and, just so you know, authors who’ve published copious books still find themselves staring at blank screens.

7. His newest book, Demon Road, has an epic first sentence. He just released it on his blog.

“Twelve hours before Amber Lamont’s parents tried to kill her, she was sitting between them in the principal’s office, her hands in her lap, stifling all the things she wanted to say.”

97800081412338. Demon Road is about a road trip. Which seems kind of obvious given the title, I know I know. But how many books have you read where the main character is forced on a road trip because demons, killer cars, vampires, and undead serial killers are chasing her?

9. The names of his characters are THE BEST. You will find very few Sue and Bobs, here. The characters in Skulduggery Pleasant (I mean, that name alone is awesome!) sport names like: China Sorrows, Tanith Low, Valkyrie Cain, Nefarian Serpine, and Kenspeckle Grouse.

10. Derek Landy’s books are always full of action and adventure. I’ve only read 6 of the Skulduggery Pleasant books so far (hey! I’m working on this!) but there’s always an epic mix of magic and danger and wit. No lagging plots. No boring monologues. His writing is golden. Seriously, how does he do this?


Look out for Demon Road‘s August 27th release!

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