What’s Your Dog Teaching You?

What’s Your Dog Teaching You? by Martin McKenna

The follow-up to the bestselling What’s Your Dog Telling You?

dogmanMartin McKenna, aka the Dog Man, has learned plenty from the dogs he grew up with and from the dogs he now owns. He firmly believes that dogs hold the key to human happiness and wellbeing and that they can help us to be better people — if we only learned how to learn from them.

Over the years he has counselled countless people in doggy lore, in how to be more relaxed, more confident, less aggressive, more loyal, how to make the most out of life, how to use routine to clear your head — and numerous other useful modes of behaviour. In this book he runs through the many lessons dogs can teach us, via colourful anecdotes about hounds and their owners.

Be warned! Not everyone is up to the task of learning from their dog.

Martin McKenna is the author of the bestselling book, What’s Your Dog Telling You? As a boy growing up in Limerick, Ireland, he escaped from family violence by running away from home and living in an abandoned barn with a pack of stray dogs. Martin learned the unique psychology and language shared by dogs all over the world and now he is passionate about helping dogs and humans to communicate more successfully with each other. He lives on the far north coast of New South Wales with his wife, children and an assortment of dogs.

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Praise for What’s Your Dog Telling You?

‘The book exudes his passion for reshaping our perceptions of the dog world. Martin is an entertaining, thoughtful writer, who even the most conservative disciplinarians will come to like.’ – dogsnsw.com.au

‘It’s entertaining and thought-provoking and well worth a read.’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘The book is easy to navigate and is a dog owner’s go-to book for all their questions.’ – Toowoomba Chronicle

‘Upon reaching the last page, the readers will be astounded by all the new things you have learned to say fluently in dog language, not just to your own dog, but to every dog you meet.’ – Margaret River Times

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