We Have A Winner!

I have to say that I’m a little surprised and chuffed at the number of entries we received for the voucher competition about how far you’d go for books—I tend to think that the only person who reads my blog is my mum.

The number and quality of the submitted entries also made choosing a winner incredibly difficult (no, really!).

I’m aware that you’re probably thinking ‘get on with it’ right now, but I’ve never announced a winner before and I find myself understanding why others employ the everyone’s-a-winner preamble I’m now repeating.

I’ve included below the winner but also some entries worth a special mention. Thanks again to everyone for their entries (and thanks for reading). Happy book burgling.

The winner, Chloe, went around the world with and for her books:

I backpacked around Europe with my five favourite books because I couldn’t stand to part with them for the 18 months I’d be away. Not the lightest addition to my already heavy backpack, but I’m still glad they accompanied me on my journey. Not only did I re-read my much-loved books, I discovered new meanings in both the novels and myself and got to share these stories with other booklovers I met on my trip. After having this experience, I know I would go to amazing lengths to track down my favourite reads and keep them in my life—books are invaluable and the journey to find the right one is worth every step.

Chanelle A:

I take my book to the laundry. My family dare not come in for fear that they will have to fold washing. I get at least half a day’s reading done in there.

Julie S:

I would give up my husband’s golf clubs.

Linda C:

In a moment of madness I once promised to clean my mum’s oven—all so I could get my hands on her copy of The Da Vinci Code. I can honestly say it was worth it.

Alisa G:

I live in a small country town Far North Queensland. We have had two major cyclones there in the past five years and it is known as the wettest place in Australia. So, loving to read is a big advantage as long as we have our generator fired up so we can see if the power goes out—suffice to say, I have driven through some pretty big rain squalls to get into town to get some more books to read! Passes the time well and takes me to other world where the sun shines more often!

Helen S:

I would spend a weekend with my mother-in-law if I thought I could encourage her to finish reading so I could ‘borrow’ her copy!

Kristy S:

I had just had a hip operation when I hobbled out of the car into a wheelchair to get my hands on the latest book. I simply had to do it and I pushed through the pain to get my hands on the precious novel…

Lucie C:

I would sneak into my local library and hide until past closing time over a long weekend for some quality reading time 🙂 [I totally get this one—and have thought about doing it many a time myself.]

Kristina S:

Far enough that I could read it all on my way back.

Special mention also goes to those of you who said you’d travel as far as your computer to purchase books from Boomerang Books and then to your letterbox to collect the books when they arrive—I hadn’t thought of that 🙂

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