VIDEO POST: Masterchef Julie Goodwin on her new cookbook

Julie Goodwin, Masterchef 2009 winner, chats to Random House about her brand new cookbook.

Our Family Table by Julie Goodwin
Since taking out the coveted title of Australia’s first MasterChef, Julie Goodwin has been cooking, testing and writing away like mad, preparing to publish her first cookbook. Full of lovely stories and recipes and feasts, with a strong focus on good old-fashioned tucker.

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One thought on “VIDEO POST: Masterchef Julie Goodwin on her new cookbook”

  1. Julie,

    I just wanted to say that you are an absolute inspiration to me. I am about the same age as you, have a wonderful husband and two sons (around the same age as yours), and both my husband and I have trained in IT.

    While I don’t have the same passion for cooking that you do, I was inspired by watching you – someone just like me – put everything on the line. You were so open and honest, humble, yet achieved so much!

    I am often scared to try new things, but you have shown me that it is OK to “have a go”, fail and times, but keep on going. And look what you achieved!

    Congratulations on everything you have done and achieved, and especially now on your book!

    I am looking forward to having a look at it today, and hopefully buying it for myself for a 40th birthday present (today!).

    Thankyou so much for the positive message that you have given to women – and not just to those who love to cook…


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