USER REVIEW WINNER: The Princess and her Panther

The Princess and her Panther by Wendy Orr
Reviewed by Rhishy

What a delightful tale of two young sisters. The older sister, dressed as a princess, is the leader of the expedition. The younger sister, dressed as a panther, lets her imagination run wild. Together they embark on a journey to camp in their backyard.

As night time falls, the girls huddle in their tent. It’s at this point that they hear small animal noises which take on gigantic proportions. They try to remain brave by repeating their mantra: ‘The princess was brave, and the panther tried to be.’ Can you guess what happens next?

Ah, those were the days. I remember when I was the same age as the girls, I loved to camp inside. I would throw a sheet over the clothes rack, place a blanket underneath, raid the kitchen for food and then hide hoping mum and dad couldn’t find me!

The Prep children in my class really enjoyed this story, in particular the idea of dressing up, role play and pitching a tent.

Overall, this book is great story that questions what it means to be brave. It engages the young reader through beautiful illustrations and repetitive text. It also helps stimulate imaginative play through the idea of dressing up as a princess or a panther.

I highly recommended this book for children aged between 4-8 years. (5 stars)

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