Two Peas In A Pod by Chris McKimmie
Reviewed by Rowie84

Violet and “Marvellous” Marvin are best friends;two peas in a pod to be exact. “They go together like the oo in moo.” They’ve lived next door to each other since dinosaur time, until one day Violet packs up her belongings and goes to visit the moon!!! Oh, to be six again and get away with exaggerating stories to make them sound more interesting than the real thing.

Two Peas in a Pod, is a quirky story about best friends, losing each other and then finding themselves again. It will capture children’s and adults’ hearts alike. The language used is very child friendly,imaginative and includes some Australian slang;such as “reckon”, “oi” and “come on”. The pictures are also simplistically drawn in a child like manner, yet they are very detailed and on closer inspection marry with the words. See if you can find the three gnomes, chicken and dog almost on every page.

My favourite part of this story was when Violet and Marvin stared at the clouds and imagined what shapes they could see. I loved doing this when I was young so I decided to take my nephews outside with a large sheet of paper and oil pastels.They drew amazing cloud pictures and I scribed their sentences for them.

This book takes the reader on a journey but also through a rollercoaster of emotions from happiness, sadness, loneliness and then joy. It makes the reader question how he or she would feel to lose their best friend. What lengths would they go to to find them again? It inspires people to keep the faith, never lose hope and always look at the positive side of life. Bloomin’ Marvellous! (3 stars)

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