Unveiling my new blog!

Hey folks — guess what? I’ve got a new blog. That’s write right, I’ll now be writing two regular blogs. Want to know more? (Of course you do!) Read on…

Inspired partly by fellow author and Boomerang blogger Dee White, who writes three different blogs (And all three of them are pretty damn good. Go on, check ‘em out — Kids’ Book Capers; Dee Scribe; and Writing Classes for Kids) and partly by my desire to have all my DVD reviews in the one location, I now have my very own DVD and Blu-ray reviews blog attached to my website.

Being a highly imaginative and creative sort of person I decided to recycle the name of this blog, Literary Clutter, and name my new blog VIEWING CLUTTER. Aren’t I clever?

Anyway, if you enjoy reading Literary Clutter, then why not give the new blog a look. There’s only one introductory post there at the moment, but the reviews will be rolling out pretty soon — starting tomorrow with a review of the British series Outcasts. And for the literary-inclined, upcoming reviews will include the BBC Charles Dickens collection.

Tune in on Friday when Literary Clutter will return to its regular programming.

Catch ya later,  George

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PPS. So, have you gone and had a look at Viewing Clutter yet? 🙂


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