Dare You is the powerful new YA novel from popular author, Sue Lawson.

I was lucky enough to receive it in my mail box recently and I have to say that once I picked this book up I couldn’t put it down.

Dare You is about three best friends, Ruby, Khaden and Sas who have known each other pretty much forever. But each one is hiding something from the others, and the pressure of these secrets manifests itself in dares that spiral out of control.

As their daring behaviour intensifies, the three protagonists discover that there are just some things you can’t take back.

I loved this book for its honest characters, real people who the reader cares about right from the start. It’s told in three alternating points of view so each character gets to tell their story.

The book is well constructed with great suspense, and clues for the perceptive reader along the way. I liked that Dare You made me think about life and consequences and what can happen when people try to hide the truth from those they care about the most.

Dare You is  also a realistic depiction of how friendships formed in early childhood can change and become something that you never expected them to.

Dare You is published by Black Dog Books.


CJ used to be the coolest kid at school until he did something unforgivable.

After, he is banished to live with his grandparents in the country but no matter how hard he tries to outrun trouble, it seems to follow him.

This is a wonderful story about a boy who does something in a moment of recklessness that he can’t take back – one mistake and lives are changed forever.

CJ is a likeable character who will resonate with teen readers. He’s vulnerable and confused and Sue Lawson makes us care about him.

After is a powerful book about the things that can go wrong, and the things that people do to try and make them right again.

This story is another compelling read from award-winning author, Sue Lawson and published by Black Dog Books.

You can find out more about Sue at her website

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Dee White

Dee White lives with her husband and two sons in a small rural country town which has more kangaroos than people. She has worked as an advertising copywriter and journalist and has had numerous career changes because until recently, writing wasn’t considered to be a proper job. Letters to Leonardo, her first novel with Walker Books Australia, was published in 2009 to great critical acclaim.


  1. Well done Sue with your highly commended in the Family therapist’s awards- excellent- and thanks to Dee for highlighting your books- sorry I can’t get to hear you in Ballarat- all the best. Looking forward to reading your books.

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