Travelling with the Rain Train

Originally published in 2010, The Rain Train is clackerty-clacking back onto bookshop shelves. Written by Elena de Roo and illustrated by Brian Lovelock, this delightful picture book is published by Walker Books.

The Rain Train is a simple story about a train trip in the rain — but it is told with wonderful words and charming illustrations. Full of marvellous sounds and a lovely rhythm, this picture book is perfect for reading out loud.

The wail of the wind, the sway of the train
The strum of the wheels, to the beat of the rain
A pitter-pat-pat, a pitter-pat-pat
A pittery-pittery-pittery-pat

With a three-year-old daughter, I read a lot of picture books. There are lots of pretty ordinary picture books out there, with poor rhythm and rhyme, and stories that do nothing and go nowhere. So finding a good one is always a treat. And The Rain Train is definitely one of the good ones. This is a book I loved reading to my daughter — my enjoyment of it increasing with each successive reading, as I grew accustomed to the occasionally tongue-twisting onomatopoeia.

After reading it to her for the first time, I asked a few questions…

Me: What did you think of the book?
Lexi: Good!
Me: What did you think of the pictures?
Lexi: Good!
Me: What did you think of the story?
Lexi: Good!
My wife: What did you think of Daddy’s performance?
Lexi: Good!

I think she’s got a potential career as a literary critic ahead of her. 🙂

But the book obviously had an impact on her as she asked me to read it to her again the following day… and this time, she insisted on me reading it three times.

Catch ya later,  George

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