This Woman is Power Unbound: Interview with Nicole Murphy (Part 3)

Alas, this is the final part to the three-part interview featuring Nicole Murphy, author of Secret Ones and Power Unbound. If you’d like to learn more about the author or the series, she’s also got a featured website and a regularly updated blog which you can access here. But before you do that, check out the rest of her answers below…

9. Recently, you embarked on a ‘writing retreat’ with a group of other fantasy writers. Can you tell us a bit about that experience? Would you recommend writing retreats for budding writers, without reservation?

I love, love, love my writing retreats! A group of us get together and we write lots and talk about writing lots and then we eat and drink and watch fabulous movies 🙂

I can’t recommend writing retreats without reservation because there are a lot of things that make them work. Personality is a big thing – in our case, we’re living with people for two weeks and even people you consider friends can get on the nose in that time. Also, you have to be clear upfront what the expectations are – for some, the retreat is more about the social side, for others it’s the writing and that can cause conflict. I also think it’s something better left after a couple of years of writing under your belt, cause you need to know you really love it in order to do it six to eight hours a day for two weeks!

10. A lot of writers have a particular area where they like to write. Where do you like to write your books?

The romance is the easy part of me – I just seem to have a natural feel for putting characters together, knowing when to test them … What I like to write, however, is the bits that are challenging because they’re the ones that teach me about writing and storytelling and I want to get better with every thing I write.

11. What books are on your nightstand at the moment?

Actually, a Johanna Lindsey – one of the Mallory books. I’ve got a massive TBR pile – friends books, books recommended to me, books I picked up really, really cheap. I’ve just read The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson and loved it – need to get the rest of her books now. And prior to that two short story collections – Dead Sea Fruit by Kaaron Warren (brilliant, brilliant writer and I’m not just saying that cause she’s a friend) and Magic Dirt by Sean Williams (who managed the rare feat of writing a story that I won’t forget – not that I hate stories, but it takes something amazing to make me remember cause I have a terrrrrrible memory – but then spiders do that for me).

12. The failsafe book choice to give your friends for birthday/ Christmas is (aside from your own!):

Actually at the moment I have to say Death Most Definite, by Trent Jamieson. I really think this book has everything – fantasy, destruction, mystery, suspense, romance, death – I do love an anthropomorphised Death 🙂

13. If we look into the crystal ball, what’s in store for Nicole Murphy over the next year or two? Any new writing projects to look forward to?

Oh yes, yes yes yes. I’m currently working on the sequel to Dream of Asarlai – a trilogy I’m calling The Free Ones but will undoubtedly be pitched to publishers as something different cause I SUCK at titles (hopefully I’ll have news about the future of that later this year). It’s set two years after the events of Dream of Asarlai and deals with the fall-out from that and a new future for the gadda. I’ve got several short stories being published in 2011 and I’m hopeful there will be more. I’m planning to break out into other genres as well – erotica and contemporary romance being a couple I’m playing with. And 2011 is the year of the convention for me – so far there’s five I’m attending.

We’ll wait and see what 2012 has in store 🙂


A HUGE thanks to Nicole Murphy for just being an awesome interviewee, and of course HarperCollins for the opportunity. GIVEAWAY up next!

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