This Woman is Power Unbound: Interview with Nicole Murphy! (Part 1)

This woman is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Nicole Murphy hails from a location close to me (Queanbeyan) and her hubby is – get this, you fellow Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland fans – one of the top croquet players in Oz. Well, get your flamingo mallets ready, cos we’re lucky enough to have Nicole Murphy on the blog for not one, not two, but three interview posts. Her answers are fascinating, so be sure to grab your cup of tea and settle down in front of the computer to hear more about this romantic Spec Fic author…and post two goes up tonight, so you don’t have too long to wait for more answers, my pretties. Just be patient…

1. Secret Ones is the beginning to your Dream of Asarlai series, and continues with the most recent release Power Unbound. How would you describe the series to potential readers, in 25 words or less?

Dream of Asarlai is a series of romances played against the background of a secret magical race, a quest for world domination and political infighting.

2. If Secret Ones was being made into a movie, who would you pick as your perfect cast for the main players of the novel, and why?

Ah, the dream of every novelist – having a movie made of their book. A dream more for the money you receive than because Hollywood gets it right every time, cause they don’t. A couple of the characters are quite clear to me – I’ve always pictured Lucas as a David Boreanaz type, while Hampton is more your Keanu Reeves (funny – that’s all the hot guys. Hmmm….) Physically, that is. In terms of personality, Hampton’s a bit more Gabriel Byrne, while Lucas is – well actually David Boreanaz still fits 🙂

As for the girls – Ione’s kinda a young Tilda Swinton and Maggie? I’m thinking Scarlett Johansson – Maggie’s absolutely gorgeous, but there’s a real depth to her as well which I think Scarlett can pull off. Or maybe Reese Witherspoon, if she were prepared to put on a bit of weight to get some really bodacious curves.

The rest of the cast – not sure, except that I’d love to have Martin Sheen play John O’Hara. If only to be able to sit next to him and say ‘You know, I think Charlie’s really hot but seriously, WTF?’

3. Can I just say here that I love strong female protagonists? The first book in the series very much focuses on the female as harnessing the magic, rather than the male… do you believe that women harness a type of magic in real life? Do you feel it an important task to represent women in novels as being strong, capable types equal to men?

I think it’s very important to have women in novels be strong, capable and equal to men. I think it’s also important to show that across a range of feminine strengths, and not just through kick-arsery. I love kick-arse heroines, but that’s making a woman take on a societally accepted masculine strength, you know? One of Maggie’s great strengths is her adaptability (having been a primary school teacher myself, I KNOW how important that is) and so it was great to show that as something that can be used to hold your own against the men.

As for magic in real life – I think that while there are downsides to the ways women have traditionally been brought up, there’s upsides as well and one of those is a greater awareness of people and their needs. Now while that was instilled in us to make us good little girls who will do what’s right for others and put them first, I think an effect of that is we can develop an understanding of the world and our place in it that men aren’t generally taught to have and if we’re smart, we can use that to beat them 🙂


Remember, post number two tonight!

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