The Warlock’s Child

wc01The Warlock’s Child is a new series of six children’s fantasy books co-authored by Paul Collins and Sean McMullen. Each of these authors has a sterling reputation in children’s and genre literature. But the two of them together… well… was there any doubt that these books would be anything short of brilliant?

I went along to the launch of the series in April, and picked up the first three books (two before they were officially released… one of the perks of going along to a launch). I started reading the first on the following day. By the end of the week I had finished all three. And now I am counting the days until the release of the next (July).

In Book 1, The Burning Sea, we meet Dantar and his sister Velza, both children of the Dravinian Battle Warlock. They are on board a ship, part of a Dravinian fleet on its way to invade the Kingdom of Savaria. Things don’t go to plan.

In Book 2, Dragonfall Mountain, Dantar and Velza find themselves stranded in Savaria. A dragon dies and the Battle Warlock’s loyalties and motivations are called into question.

In Book 3, The Iron Claw, the plot thickens. Motivations and affiliations are muddied and we’re left hanging… until the next instalment.

Oh, did I mention there are dragons? Great, BIG, dangerous dragons… with magic! So cool!

Collins and McMullen give readers a set of likeable leads — characters that have already grown over the course of the first three books. While the story at first appears simple, complexities soon become layered over the top of each other. Action and humour abound. And did I mention the dragons? An all round, excellent read.

The Warlock’s Child actually reads like one long novel that’s been broken up into parts, albeit rather skilfully. Each book ends at just the right moment… concluding the relevant part of the story while leaving questions unanswered and setting things up for the next part. For me, this is a little bit frustrating in that I want the rest of the story NOW! But I can see the benefits. Shorter, less-threatening books are likely to pull in the reluctant readers. Plus, having six books coming out one a month is a great way to build excitement and anticipation. A bit like a television series, really.

And, of course, six books means we get six eye-catching covers from artist Marc McBride. He’s the guy who created all those amazing covers for Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest series. And dragons are his speciality. Did I mention these books have really cool dragons?

wc01  wc02  wc03
wc04 wc05 wc06

Can you tell that I’m rather enamoured by these books? No? Okay, one more comment then… they’re a fab read! Go out and buy them. [Yes, yes I know… that was two more comments.]

The Warlock’s Child release schedule…

Catch ya later,  George

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