The Trudi Canavan Project

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I have a rather special post today. Some practice video interviews with bestselling fantasy author Trudi Canavan. Let me explain…

At Aussiecon 4 last year, I videoed a few authors talking about their favourite books and then posted them on Literary Clutter. Trudi was one of those authors. Knowing that I had a little video camera and a blog on which to post the results, she asked me to assist her with some practice interviews.

Trudi is currently on a book tour around Europe and the UK promoting her latest novel, The Rogue. Not having done very many video interviews, and knowing that she was likely to be put in front of a camera at least once or twice on the tour, she wanted to practice before she left.

We decided to do three different types of interviews, hopefully covering all likely bases — the generic interview; the informed literary interview; and the informed fantasy interview. And then we also decided to shoot them in three different ways. So, with my wife behind the camera directing us, this is what we came up with…

Interview 1

This is the generic interview. The idea is that the interviewer knows little about Trudi or her books.

The camera stays focussed on a fairly close shot of Trudi, with the interviewer asking questions from off-camera.

Interview 2

This is the informed literary interview. We assume that the interviewer has read at least one of Trudi’s books and is familiar with the literary scene. The questions are the sort you would expect from the host of a book show.

We’ve shot this one in a more formal interview style, the sort you might get on 60 Minutes — interviewer and subject facing each other and the camera cutting between the two. Please forgive my editing… I’m a writer not a filmmaker. 🙂

Interview 3

This is the informed fantasy interview. We assume the interviewer is familiar with the fantasy genre and has read several of Trudi’s books. The questions are the sort that are likely to be of interest to fantasy fans and more specifically, to fans of Trudi’s books.

We’ve shot this one in a relaxed style — seated outdoors under a shady tree with cups of tea at the ready. We were aiming for a breakfast show feel.

So there you have it… three different interviews with the same person. I think Trudi did really well and is going to wow the audiences on her tour. Hope you enjoyed them. If you’d like to keep track of Trudi’s promotional tour, check out the blog on her website.

This little project turned out to be quite a learning experience for me. And I think I’ve still got a lot more to learn about producing blog videos. If anyone out there has any feedback, please leave a comment.

The main thing I discovered from all this, was that I rather enjoyed the whole process — from writing the questions, to conducting the interviews, to editing the vids. This, of course, means that I’m likely to inflict some more videos on you in the future. Be afraid… be very afraid!

Catch ya later,  George

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  1. Glad you enjoyed that – you were a bit intimidating as literary-reviewer-guy! I’m sure Trudi will do a storming job on any interviews, I really like hearing her ideas 🙂

  2. Oh dear! It was not my intention to be intimidating. I was just trying to be all serious and literary. 😉

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