The Golden Door – Book One in Emily Rodda’s THE THREE DOORS Trilogy

Those who loved Emily Rodda’s Deltora books will be delighted to see her moving back into the world of Deltora with her latest release, The Golden Door.

The Golden Door is the first book in The Three Doors trilogy and I have to say that my biggest disappointment with this book was that the next one isn’t out yet.

The trilogy is set on the Island of Dorne, a small island to Deltora’s East, across the Sea of Serpents. The Golden Door tells the story of Rye, the youngest of three brothers who has always looked up to his older siblings and never considered himself to be much of a hero.

But when Dirk and Sholto don’t return from their searches  for the source behind vicious attacks by ferocious flying creatures called Skimmers, it’s up to Rye to try and save the citizens of Weld, and bring his lost brothers home.

Along the way, Rye meets Sonia, a strong-spirited girl who becomes his ally and whose belief in him boosts his confidence and helps him to believe he can do extraordinary things. Rye discovers powers and strengths he didn’t know he had, and he’s going to need them to survive what’s on the other side of The Golden Door.

Rye’s sense of adventure, friendliness, loyalty and humility endear him to the reader. He’s the kind of unlikely hero that people want to see triumph.

Emily Rodda has built a world that readers can easily step into and follow the characters through danger and triumph. There are fierce and terrible creatures to keep the tension mounting, but there are also characters of great gentleness and loyalty to provide the balance.

Rye and Sonia have been through The Golden Door and I’m pretty sure their next adventure could take them through the silver one. I can’t wait to go there with them.

There’s page turning action, an intriguing world and great characters to barrack forThe Golden Door is published by Scholastic for readers aged 8 to 12, although I can see some much older ones enjoying it.

Teachers notes are available on the Scholastic Australia website.



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