The Deep

The-Deep-HBD-0-196x300The Deep is thrilling sci-fi adventure. The Deep is something the whole family can enjoy. The Deep is a series of comic books collected into two wonderful volumes. And The Deep is an upcoming animated television series. The Deep is something well worth checking out.

Written by Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Among Us) and illustrated by James Brouwer, the first issue of The Deep came out in 2011. The individual issues have now been collected into two wonderful volumes — The Deep: Here Be Dragons and The Deep: The Vanishing Island.

These comics follow the adventures of the Nektons, a family of under water explorers aboard a sophisticated submarine, The Aronnax. The parents, William and Kaiko lead their two kids, teenaged Fontaine and her younger brother Antaeus, on a tour of the ocean’s depths as they investigate mysterious aquatic incidents.

TVI--196x300In Here Be Dragons, the family go to investigate the appearance of a sea monster. In The Vanishing Island, they go in search of an island that has somehow survived a tidal wave and mysteriously shifted location. And through it all is their desire to search for the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.

These are great adventure stories. There is enough action and sense of wonder to keep younger readers enthralled. But there’s also an intelligence to the plotlines and a depth to the characters to keep older readers satisfied. The stories have an unashamedly environmental vibe to them, without ever being preachy. Through it all is a wonderful, gentle sense of humour and lovely sense of family. It’s pretty much the perfect all-ages comic book.

And I’ve gotta say, I was laughing out loud through the whole spelunking conversation. You’ll know it when you get to it.

“You don’t love spelunking. You don’t like exploring caves. You just love saying the word ‘SPELUNKING’.”

Brouwer’s artwork is stunning. Crisp and vibrant, it submerges the reader in the oceanic depths along with the Nektons, and practically jumps off the page.

I’m not at all surprised that The Deep has been picked up for a television adaptation. I was lucky enough to see the trailer for it at a recent convention and I can say that it looks AWESOME!

But before the TV show hits the screens, I highly recommend you all check out the comics.

Catch ya later, George

PS.  Check out the official website for The Deep.

PPS. I got to meet writer Tom Taylor at a convention last month, so I have signed copies. Just saying! 🙂



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