The Claudia Gray ‘Hourglass’ Giveaway Is Finally Here!

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Hey vampire-loving peeps!

Do you feel lucky????

To celebrate author Claudia Gray’s trip to Oz this month we’re giving away copies of her latest book. Whoohoo!

Thanks to the superheroes at HarperCollins, Boomerang Books is giving away not one, not two, not three, but FIVE copies of Hourglass, the third installment in Claudia Gray’s stellar vampire series Evernight. This series has been touted as THE next series to read for Twilight fans – except I don’t like Twilight and I LOVE the Evernight series. So you could say the Evernight series satisfies Twilight fans and non-Twilight fans alike!

[Even if you don’t like vampires yourself, maybe you have a bloodsucker in your family or friendship circle who would love to read Hourglass? They’ll love you forever. And ever].

The details:

Because I’m generally an evil person, I’m going to make you WORK for the giveaway.

So, in 25 words or less, FOR THE WIN…answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

“What’s the best OR worst thing about being immortal?”

I will be announcing the five gloriously fortunate winners in a separate post after the entries have been judged, but make sure to include a valid email address in your comment below so it’s easier to contact you if you win!

This competition is open to Australian residents only (ie. those who have a valid Australian postal mailing address).

Entries close:

Thursday, August 26 2010, 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.


*fangs crossed*

Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

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96 thoughts on “The Claudia Gray ‘Hourglass’ Giveaway Is Finally Here!”

  1. There are the obvious benefits of being able to live foreve, and survive anything harsh that life throws at you. But you’d be able to see how history morphs century to century

  2. An immortal life might sound cool, but a life without family is no life at all. Watching their deaths – a price too high to pay.

  3. Worst thing would be having to watch as people around the world continue making the same mistakes, over and over again…how annoying!!

  4. the worst thing about being imortal would be watching everyone you love age and die whilst you never change, on the outside anyway.

  5. The worst thing is definitely seeing your loved ones die. I couldn’t think of anything worse than living while everyone close to you died!

  6. the best and worst thing is that you stay unchanged forever and ever. if you looked good when you changed then it is the best thing about being immortal – you will forever look young and beautiful but what people often forget is that some people don’t look good, and those people will be stuck hating the way they look forever and ever and ever!!!! think the hulk – would you like to look like that for eternity! that would be the worst thing.

  7. The best thing about being immortal would be finally having all the time to accomplish everything you want. Being able to master skills (like piano playing or chess!) Never staying up after the kids have gone to bed just to be able to get things done – because now you have forever!

  8. Who wouldn’t want to live forever. What a precious gift! Ah, but how painful as well, watching days, years, lifetimes change around you, as you continue to carry on.


  9. Worst thing, all your favourite foods and experiences would become very boring very fast. Best thing you’d be an expert at everything!

  10. Constantly losing loved ones would have to be the worst experience of immortality but watching mankind repeat their mistakes has to be a close second

  11. The worst would be not being able to rest once you’ve had enough! Life and it’s torments would always go on!

  12. Being able to achieve everything you want in life – but then running out of things to do – good and bad all in one

  13. You would see all the amazing discoveries,inventions that would be so unreal yes id love to live for ever

  14. I’ll be wicked ….. and say the BEST thing is seeing horrible people shuffling off this mortal coil !!

  15. Having to watch as humans continue to destroy the world and each other and despair of them ever learning from their mistakes.

  16. The best would be wisdom, the worst would be unrest – unrest watching helplessly as loved ones die and unrest at the world’s ignorance.

  17. The worse thing would be watching commonsense evaporate, greed grow and humans brawling to the point that human life becomes cheap.

  18. The best thing about being immortal is accomplishing ALL your ambitions and you don’t need a “bucket list” of things to do before you die


  20. The worst would be having to live forever with all the mistakes I had made, knowing they will be there for eternity

  21. Having to wear the clothing of the period to fit in; from corsets to tracky dackies. Could be fun in some eras, definitely horrible in others.

  22. Being Immortal means no more illness or pain and being able to watch the world change through the ages. That would be the best.

  23. The worst thing about being immortal would be watching everything and everyone change around you while you stayed exactly the same.

  24. A topical comment on a worst thing about immortality is the number of election campaigns one would have to endure!

  25. Immortals are lucky in health; they have time to master all skills, learn the world’s secrets, and actually understand wisdom by overcoming grief and despair.

  26. Best is remaining young and healthy forever. Never having to cope with ageing and physical deterioration.

  27. The best thing about being immortal is living through history. I’d loan myself to uni students wanting a first hand impression

  28. Can you imagine being immortal, I cant understand the youth of today! just think what youth will be like in 300 years.

  29. The saying “It’s never too late!” would actually be true, you could constantly procrastinate and still achieve everything you want!

  30. You’d be able to reinvent yourself again & again, trying on different personas and lifestyles, moving in a multitude of different circles over the decades.

  31. Being immortal would mean you could do what you felt, when you felt like it without ever having to face any repercussions. When things get to tricky, move on & start again.

  32. The worst thing about being immortal would be ‘Not meeting up with my loved ones in Spirit to experience time eternal with them’

  33. Watching loved ones die knowing that you were going to live forever would be the worst thing about being immortal.

  34. Definately the worst thing would be losing the ones I love and seeing mankind destroy the environment and wildlife but the positive could be showing a sustainable way to care for the Earth.

  35. Freedoms of personal security, gathering wisdom forever, and the beautiful experience of love for family and partner time and time again, though bittersweet. Sounds amazing!

  36. The worst thing about being immortal would be the memories of unpleasant things as those memories would stay with you forever and forever is a real long time.

  37. Surely the worst thing about being immortal would be that all those experiences that we crave- traveling, thrills, excitement- would become so boring and commonplace over time that there would be little to look forward to.

  38. The worst thing about being immortal would have to be sitting through all of the elections that would take place during forever.

  39. The worst thing of being an immortal is that I’ll suffer the pain of losing everyone I love eventually because I can’t die.

  40. Seeing all those that are precious, live, love and pass on to the next life. One by one they leave, so painful and lonely.

  41. A part of life is death and being immortal means that you would never be able to completely experience a part of life. To never know what is on the other side would be sad. No amount of living will answer that question!

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  42. The worst thing would be having to send your loved ones off to the dead, while you live on for the journey ahead. By then, you’d lose all meaning of life and the world will just seem meaningless, but being immortal – there is no escape.

  43. Worst thing about being imortal? Is liviing through time, staying the same, loved ones come and go, heartbreak of attachments and detachments. Everlasting loneliness.

  44. The best thing? Bumping into the ex and not looking a day older than when he unceremoniously dumped you all those years ago, while he sinks into middle-aged spread faster than you can say “cholesterol-lowering margarine”.

  45. having so much life experience would be benefitial to all your future generations…. but the deaths of all your future great grandchildren would be torture!

  46. Best thing is seeing all your grandchildren and great grandchildren etc and their lives worst thing is having nobody your age to talk old times with

  47. The world has so many sensationally cool things to do that I’d never be bored! The adventures; the lingerie; the sins; and the indulgence… Mmmn mmm! Where do I line up?

  48. Seeing the ones you love grow old, become ill and die. Surely that is the ultimate price of immortality.

  49. The worst thing would be not dying as without dying there’s no way for me to get to heaven

  50. I ntiguing thought
    M aking time
    M arrying as much as you want
    O ngoing life
    R acing through life
    T ime never ending
    A lways losing loved ones
    L ife goes on forever

  51. Being immortal, living forever
    Sounds cool on face value
    Never worrying about death, however
    I’d be eternally lonely without you

  52. Being immortal means needing an endless supply of undies but having all the time in the world to shop for them!

  53. being imortal would be the worst thing because you would have no reason to try and achieve things because you could always put it off until tomorrow. As it is we must live our lives and achieve what we can before we die therefore we do not lust in the throws of laziness.

  54. Being young, beautiful and having young gorgeous guys for ever, when you get sick of one just trade him in for a new one.

  55. Worst – Looking at 100yr old photos of yourself and thinking ‘God, I can’t believe I wore THAT and just look at my hair!’ ugh!

  56. Like an Hourglass that never ends. Wonder if being immortal would eventually mean I would be wealthy, all that time to work and save!

  57. Best thing about being immortal will never be boring, because there will always be something newly invented to try, taste, wear, drink and play with!

  58. Worst thing about being immortal is that you stop growing and maturing. I appreciate my mind and body more at 37 compared to my 20s.

  59. I’d hate to be immortal. Why suffer an eternity of pain and grief. Without death life would seem pretty pointless

  60. Being immortal i just wouldnt like,at least we get to age gracefully,live and learn,then be reborn again!

  61. I think being immortal would mean no age lines, no grey hairs and no aching bones but seeing others pass away and you losing you most loved would be the worst thing ever to have to come to grips with.

  62. The best thing about being immortal would be being able to watch the world transform as technology advances

  63. worst thing about being immortal if you’re from true blood television series is you’re PIG UGLY….obviously can’t glamour to make themselves appear beautiful haha!

  64. Bonus – you would be around to see if climate change is correct, Downer – the extra sun would cook your vamp ass 🙂

  65. BEST thing would being able to live life to the fullest knoing that no matter the risk I would awake again tomrrow

  66. BEST thing would being able to live life to the fullest knoing that no matter the risk I would awake again tomrrow

    put wrong email above

  67. you would be able to see what happens with the world and watch as your family grows and see what they do with lives and always be there for them

  68. The best thing is all the time you’d have to travel the world, and because it’s constantly changing, it’d never be the same twice!

  69. Having to watch everyone you love die around you, every single person evenutally leaving you, would be shattering

  70. The worst thing about immortality is the mortality of the world around you. It can also be the best thing.

  71. “The worst thing about being immortal would be hiding the fact – could you imagine how many people would want ‘in’ on the secret!

  72. Immortality may seem appealing at first but it can come with it’s own price tag in the end. Eternal loneliness.

  73. If my life was an eternal Hourglass I would live life to the max and do all the crazy things I ever wanted to like skydiving and bungee jumping and become a stunt double for Angelina Jolie and keep her looking good!!!!!

  74. Now wouldn’t it be fun to still be around when human evolution takes it’s next step!
    The Human-Pussycat Hybrid
    Inevitable pussycat domination is closing 😀

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