The Aussiecon Author Videos, part 2

We’re back for another round of videos. Last week I posted four author videos, which I shot at Aussiecon 4 in September 2010. I asked each author to introduce themselves and then to tell me about the book (or books) which has had the greatest influence on them. Here are another four… the final four. There should have been more. I had intended for there to be more. There were lots of authors around at Aussiecon, and I wanted to video as many of them as I could. But… um… I forgot! 🙁 All my wonderful intentions went down the gurgler because I was having too much fun. Oh well, this will have to do you for now. So, without further ado…

Trudi Canavan is the author of numerous fantasy novels, including the Black Magician trilogy (The Magicians’ Guild, The Novice and The High Lord). Her latest book, The Ambassador’s Mission, is the first in the Traitor Spy trilogy. Book two, The Rogue, is due out in May this year. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter. And take a peek at my review of The Magicians’ Guild.

Paul Collins is the author of over 100 books, including The Jelindal Chronicles (Dragonlinks, Dragonfang, Dragonsight and Wardragon). He is also co-creator, along with Michael Pryor, of The Quentaris Chronicles. Check out his website and the official Quentaris Chronicles website.

Sue Bursztynski is the author of numerous books for children and young adults. She is best known for her non-fiction, including Crime Time, but her latest book is the YA werewolf novel, Wolfborn (I’ve previously reviewed Wolfborn and interviewed Sue on Literary Clutter). Check out her blog.

Reece Hauxby is the fifteen-year-old author of Justin Gale Deals With Death. It’s his debut novel and is intended as the first in a series. Check out Cytique Publishing for more info.

Well, that’s it folks. No more videos. But fear not (or do fear, as the case may be) for now that I’ve got a taste for putting videos up on Literary Clutter, I’m likely to do it again. There’s a local spec fic / pop culture convention happening here in Melbourne in June this year (Continuum 7), so I shall try to get my butt into gear and corner a few more authors at that event.

Tune in next time for a guest post from Lili Wilkinson as she discusses the covers of her books, Pink and Scatterheart.

Catch ya later,  George

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5 thoughts on “The Aussiecon Author Videos, part 2”

  1. What a great idea to do these interviews.
    I stopped and chatted to Reece for a while, he was so nice and had such elegant ideas, I bought his book. I’m a sucker for a smart kid (work will be pleased to hear this since I work with gifted children).
    And now I know one of Trudi’s many sources for her knowledge on world-building too. She’s such a smart cookie. She really knows her way around a novel.

  2. Great videos in both parts – so interesting to see the people behind the books and I love the way they quite often start off looking and sounding a bit embarrassed but their faces and voices just light up when talking about the books that inspired them. And PS HOW can people write books at age 15 and be so self assured and eloquent, sigh, I’m off to eat cake and raise children…

  3. Thanks for the comments. Glad you’ve both been enjoying the vids.

    Yes, I’m astonished by anyone who can write a novel while still at high school. I had aspirations of writing a novel when I was in school… but it never progressed beyond a couple of chapters.

    I’m reading Trudi’s book, The Novice, at the moment. Loving it!

  4. Fun interviews! Though I did stumble over my tongue as much as I remembered.

    So… when do we get to see the interview asking the same questions of George, eh?

  5. Thanks for doing the vid, Trudi. You had one minor stumble… and I doubt anyone would have noticed if not for the fact that you’ve now drawn attention to it. 🙂

    Me? Isn’t it enough that readers have to cope with me blogging every week, without me inflicting videos of myself? But now that you’ve put the idea in my head, I may do it. But let me announce here and now, that if I do, it is entirely your fault!

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