Review – Wildwood Imperium by Colin Meloy

9780670075171The third and final volume in the Wildwood Chronicles.

The future of of Wildwood was balanced on a knife edge at the end of Under Wildwood. Prue was given, by the Council Tree, a seemingly impossible task and had to find two machinists who had both been exiled by the former Queen of Wildwood, The Dowager Governess. At the end of the second book she had managed to find one of the machinists but the whereabouts of the second was unknown (to her).

But time and luck are no longer on Prue’s side. In the wake of the revolution Prue instigated a secret society has slowly begun the process of taking power, enslaving the inhabitants of Wildwood in the process. Meanwhile a young girl inadvertently awakens the spirit of the Verdant Empress whose resurrection threatens not only Wildwood but the outside world as well.

Colin Meloy packs everything into the epic conclusion to his wonderful series; action, adventure, subversive politics and whole heap of fun and sly humour. The strands of the story the have stretched out like vines of ivy all come together in an epic conclusion that will have you on the edge of seat and possibly wiping away a tear or two.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and am badgering my eight year-old daughter to give the books a try (although she maybe a year or two too young). I’m not sure what Colin Meloy has planned next but whether it is a new album with The Decemberists or another book I cannot wait.

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