Booku features in Weekly Book Newsletter



From the Weekly Book Newsletter, 11 May 2011:


Australian ebook retailer Booku has reported strong sales in its first two months, with close to 2000 ebooks sold since its launch in March.

Booku managing director Clayton Wehner said in a statement last week that the company, which also owns online bookstore Boomerang Books, has been ‘pleasantly surprised by the website’s traffic and sales to date’ given that the company ‘fully expected to lose money for a good twelve months’.

‘We’ve actually achieved positive cash flow in just our second month,’ said Wehner. ‘Clearly, there is an emerging market out there for ebooks.’

Wehner said that Booku received more than 1360 orders and delivered more than 1700 ebooks in its first two months of operation. ‘In April, we quadrupled March’s revenue and we’re already on track to double that again in May,’ said Wehner. ‘Amazon sold one hundred and fifteen Kindle ebooks for every one hundred paperbacks in January this year–as a comparison, we sold eleven ebooks for every one hundred physical books in March and April.’

Wehner has also been pleased with the volume of traffic to the website, with Booku currently attracting approximately 8000 visitors per day and achieving a higher level of visitation than Boomerang Books.

Many of these visits are from international customers, with readers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, India and New Zealand buying ebooks from Booku. ‘One third of all orders have come from Australia, but we’ve had lots of orders from markets that are more mature in terms of ebook uptake,’ said Wehner.

Wehner said that the business will continue to expand, with plans to increase the amount of Australian titles available through the website and to open versions of the store in the US, the UK and New Zealand.