Scholastic has just released a number of books for the young fact lover and for those young readers who like a book that makes them laugh.

WEE ON A JELLYFISH STING and other fibs that simply aren’t true

It’s amazing how many half-baked notions, crazy rumours from the internet and recycled must old myths get mistaken for the truth. Many well-meaning people may not realise that what they are telling you is, in fact, complete twaddle. Maybe it sounded convincing to them, or maybe they think it’s a useful fact. But sadly, no.

WEE ON A JELLYFISH STING and other fibs that simply aren’t true busts some popular myths about all kind of things including the memory of a goldfish and  that touching a toad can give you warts.

As well as the funny bits, there’s all sorts of useful information like how to get out of quicksand and the fact that an aardvaark can half a million termites in one meal. Topics include history, health, animals, places, the human body and crazy stuff.

WEE ON A JELLYFISH STING and other fibs that simply aren’t true is cleverly written by Tracey Turner and hilariously illustrated by Clive Goddard.


In the minute it takes for you to read this, AMAZING things will be happening all over the country.

Every Minute in Australia is full of amazing facts about Aussie food, Aussie animals, Aussie sport, Aussie culture and much, much more.

Every Minute in Australia has been meticulously researched by author, Yvette Poshoglian and is full of surprising facts like ’13 litres of tomato sauce’ are consumed per minute. I’m not saying all the information is something you need to know, but it’s fascinating nonetheless and great for young readers who love collecting facts.

It’s a bit different from your normal ‘fact fest’ because of the theme of ‘every minute in Australia’. There are even some ‘only in Australia’ activities so that the reader can really get involved. Every Minute in Australia is an easy to read format with cartoon style illustrations breaking up the text.

From car racing to training your pet, there’s something for everyone in Every Minute in Australia. It’s one of those books that make for fun dinner table conversation. Every Minute in Australia is published by Scholastic.