Review: Armada by Ernest Cline

9781780891897Ernest Cline set the nostalgia/nerd levels to stun in his debut novel Ready Player One. In his latest novel he turns it up to blast in a science fiction adventure story literally ripped straight out of your favourite video games and sci-fi movies. Have you ever thought you could take your video game skills out in the real world or imagined that your favourite science fiction movie was actually real? Well strap in to your starship and get ready to blast off in this action packed adventure.

Zack Lightman has spent his short life lost in video games. His whole life is centred around getting through school so he can get back to playing his favourite game, a combat flight simulator where players must take on an alien invasion force. He works after school at his local game shop before jumping into the next online mission at home. But when he sees one of the alien spacecrafts he does battle against on his way from school he starts to doubt his own sanity. A very real fear because his father, who died just after he was born, left behind some bizarre notebooks detailing a vast alien conspiracy between the US Government, Hollywood and the Video Game industry. A theory Zack thought was the ravings of a mad man who he might just be starting to believe!

Mixing an 80s soundtrack with some of the best sci-fi movies and video games of the last thirty years Ernest Cline has created an action-adventure story worthy of the movies he references, even down to the slightly cheesy ending. While this doesn’t reach the heights of Ready Player One it was still an immensely fun read that’ll have your gaming hands itching.

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