Review: Four – A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth

9780007584642The saddest thing in the world is when an excellent trilogy concludes. So HUZZAH for those brilliant authors who write extra stories for us hungry fans. Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy is mind-blowingly famous. And have you snabbled her short stories about Four, yet? Because you need to.

Four: A Divergent Collection was just perfection. I couldn’t be any more happy with this little skydive back into the Divergent world. There’s a collection of four (duh) short stories and the whole book comes to around 300-pages. It’s like a little snack. I’m nearly disappointed that some stories were so so short. But that’s just me in denial that the series is now officially over.

So let’s break it down and talk about EACH story, shall we?

** WARNING: May contain spoilers for the first book, Divergent, BUT NOT for Insurgent or Allegiant!**

I loved this one the most! It really showed Four when he was just little Tobias…basically a kicked puppy. OH HE WAS SO LITTLE AND SCARED. He longed for a better life but just was just absolutely resigned to being beaten by Marcus. This story was the most powerful. My only critique is…exactly HOW did Marcus make everyone basically forget he had a son? I mean, Four would’ve had to go to school…and it said people just ignored him. But seriously? No one took an interest in him??? Even Tris, curious little Tris, never knew much about him and definitely didn’t recognise his face when Divergent kicks off. So weird.

This is when Tobias turns into Four. It’s awesome. I love getting to know a younger Shauna and Zeke too. Back in the good ol’ days when the training made sense and wasn’t run by Eric. Okay, though, I have to admit, Eric wasn’t scary an intimidating enough. I thought he’d have more of a rivalry going with Four, but Eric is basically in the background.

Four has an angry dark side. He’s getting all tall and strong now. Bashing people up. Being a big meanie. Training to be a leader. It definitely fleshes out his character and we see so much from his point-of-view. This one is fills in some backstory about Jeanine Matthews, the Erudite Leader.

This one is actually WHEN Divergent’s happening. It includes a lot of scenes we already know from Tris’ POV. I have to admit this is my least favourite. I’ve already read it! I was just seeing it from Four’s moody persepctive. I love Four, don’t get me wrong, but his thoughts didn’t seem radically different to Tris’ in Divergent, so the double-up made me squint occasionally. I do feel like I understand Four’s feelings for Tris better. He was crushing on her soooo early and she never knew it. Adorable. And also we get a sneak peek into Four’s dating life, pre-Tris. His date with a Dauntless girl lasted 5 minutes and I laughed and laughed and laughed. POOR DEAR.

All in all? This is incredible and a must-read for any Veronica Roth fans. It’s best read AFTER Divergent, but you could read it before Insurgent and Allegiant if you wished it. I wanted to give it 4-stars because…well, HIS NAME IS FOUR. But it needs 5-stars, without a doubt. I hope Veronica Roth keeps writing!