Unicorn Riders is a new fantasy adventure series written by Aleesah Darlison and illustrated by Jill Brailsford set in the land of Avamay.

Avamay is a magical yet dangerous kingdom. The Unicorn Riders protect the people with courage and skill. They ride as one.

The Unicorn Riders series launched with four new books, Quinn’s Riddles, Willows Challenge, Krystal’s Choice and Elizabeth’s Test.

Each book features a different Unicorn Rider and their unicorn. Each unicorn has special powers. Obecky has the gift of healing and strength, Fayza has the gift of speed and can light the dark with her golden magic, Ula has the gift of speaking and can also sense danger, and Estrella has the gift of enchantment.

Each story involves a quest where the central character must overcome something or face a challenge in order to achieve their goals.

Book 1

Quinn’s Riddles

Queen Heart’s son has been kidnapped and the Unicorn Riders must rescue him. The only clue they have is a trail of taunting riddles. Will Quinn be able to solve the riddles in time?

Book 2

Willow’s Challenge

The Unicorn Riders must travel to Arlen to deliver a magical elixir to Willow’s dying uncle. When old friendship’s are betrayed, the town falls under attack. Can Willow find the courage to forgive and help her uncle save the town?

Book 3

Krystal’s Choice

Children are disappearing from Miramar. When the Unicorn Riders investigate, Krystal gets a tempting offer and must decide if she wants to remain a Rider. Will Krystal’s decision put her friends and their mission in danger?

Book 4

Ellabeth’s Test

The Unicorn Riders are on a mission to collect diamond scales from the Dakkar Serpent. When Willow is injured, Ellabeth must step into the role of Head Rider. Can Ellabeth overcome her fears and self-doubt to complete the mission?

The Unicorn Riders‘ books are for ages 8+. They have colourful covers, striking illustrations and unique quests designed to appeal to adventurous young spirits.

I can imagine readers having fun choosing their favourite from these unicorn riding girls who seem to have a talent for putting things right.

The publisher, Walker Books has a host of downloadable resources for the Unicorn Riders available at their website including sample chapters, character profiles and colouring sheets.