The Key to Starveldt is book two in The Rare series by Foz Meadows and it’s a gripping read.

Solace Morgan was born a vampire.

The castle of Starveldt is waiting. Having escaped once from Sanguisdera, Solace and her friends are in desperate need of guidance.

Seeking to unravel a cryptic prophecy, they travel to the Rookery, an otherworldly place governed by the enigmatic Liluye. Magical and wiild, the Rookery tests them all in preparation for the crossing to Starveldt. But the group is starting to fracture.

The threat of Lord Grief continues to grow; old betrayals, lies and secrets boil to the surface – with startling consequences.

As danger closes in, can they make their peace before everything falls apart? Or will the Bloodkin triumph?

I love the twists and turns of the plot in this book and the way the setting is so integral to the story and has been given so many dimensions and nuances that it becomes like another character.

Foz Meadows uses humour to make the characters more real and it also helps build the suspense.

There are plenty of surprises and characters who are not who or what you think they are. The Key to Starveldt has disappointing betrayals and unflinchingly loyal characters prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

I enjoyed the unique world of this story. Foz Meadows makes these unfamiliar places seem believable and enables you to picture yourself there side by side with Solace as she battles terrible foes on her quest.

Although there are a number of characters central to the story, each has a unique voice that sets them apart. The third person omniscient point of view allows the reader to get inside each character’s head and experience their thoughts and emotions.

Each character has rare and unique qualities that make them an asset to the group and help them combat ongoing danger.

The Key to Starveldt is a compelling novel for young adult readers with strong themes of friendship, loyalty and belonging. It is published by Ford Street Publishing and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, Falling into Midnight.