Alexandra Adornetto: Angel Aficionado (Part 2)

Continuing on from yesterday’s post:

ME:  So Alex, what should we expect from Book 2 in the Halo series?

AA: A lot more action and drama! As you can tell from the title (Hades) Book II is a bit darker in terms of themes and part of it takes place in Hell. There will also be a big twist at the end, but I have to keep that a secret!

ME: Halo has a definite romance to it – what do you believe are the elements of writing a good romance story?

AA: I think having personal experience of dating, physical attraction and heartbreak are very useful tools for writers to draw on in a romance novel. Usually, in all good romances, the protagonists are desperately in love with one another, but there are obstacles which have to be overcome before the lovers can be together. These obstacles test their commitment and add tension to the story. There is usually a threat or some imperfection in an otherwise perfect scenario. I think that’s what makes a good romance, the struggle for two people to be together in the face of any adversity. 

ME: Some think that angels are just trending, the same way vampires are. What do you say to that?

AA: Well everything has phases of popularity. I think the supernatural genre in general will always have a strong appeal. Anne Rice originally drew people to the idea of vampires and then Stephanie Meyer brought it back into fashion. JK Rowling rekindled our interest in magic. The same thing is happening with angels right now. But in five years it could be zombies or mermaids that dominate the scene.

Now for the most important questions…

ME: Best smell in the world is?

AA: My Chihuahua Tinkerbelle after I’ve just given her a bubble-bath. Otherwise she smells pretty bad.

ME: Your favourite curse word, that isn’t actually a curse word?

AA: Hell and fudge.

ME: OK, it’s the ‘if you were alone on a desert island’ question…which 3 books would you take with you, and why?

AA: “Wuthering Heights” because it’s an all time favourite, “Peter Pan” because then I could pretend I’m a lost boy and the Bible because it would keep me occupied and offer some hope of getting off the island!

ME: Which character from Shakespeare is most like you and why?

AA: Probably Juliet, given the way she falls in love so quickly. I tend to think with my heart not my head just like her.

ME: Savoury or sweet?

AA: Definitely savoury. I love anything salty.

ME: Favourite TV show as a child?

AA: The one with the hippos called George and Martha. Can’t remember what it was called…actually I think it was called George and Martha. 

ME: What do you think about the future of e-books? Should we embrace them; will they take over the world; should we stage a rebellion on behalf of poor paper- and hardbacks?

AA: It really depends on the person. For some people e-books will never replace the feeling of holding a book in your hands, but for those who for use the internet regularly and don’t have time to sit down with a book then it works really well.

ME: Tell us one thing your readers would be surprised to learn about you.

AA: Probably my taste in music. I’m a huge fan of old-school American country music (outlaw country/Bakersfield sound.) I love artists like Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, David Allan Coe and Johnny Cash. I play it 24/7 at my house and it really gets me the right mood to write.

ME:So what’s next for Alexandra Adornetto?

AA: At the moment I’m working on HADES and HEAVEN, the next two books in the HALO series. But I’m passionate about acting and performing so I would love to pursue that in the future. 

ME: Imagine you had a very specific time machine that could only take you ten years into the future. Describe what you see of yourself, and what you’re doing.

AA: Hopefully married with children and working as an actor/writer. I’d like to live on a ranch in Nashville or Austin, Texas and have a horse named Brandy.


If you’d like to keep tabs on Alex, you can check out her Facebook page. I’ll also be doing a book review on Halo here in the near future, where Alex will also be talking about her gruelling tour routine in the U.S.! Thanks to Alex for her valuable time, and HarperCollins for the opportunity!