A Riveting Novel Based on the True Brutal Murder of Three Teenage Girls

A novel this good is a rare and precious gift for lovers of fiction

A riveting novel about the aftermath of the real life brutal murder of three teenage girls, written in incantatory prose ‘that’s as fine as any being written by an American author today’ (Ben Fountain)

see how small

Demy no bleed.inddShortly before midnight on the 6th of December 1991, in Austin, Texas, a patrolling police officer noticed a fire coming from a yoghurt shop and reported it to his dispatcher. Fire fighters were horrified to discover three girls’ bodies stacked on top of one another. All were bound and gagged with their own clothes. Each victim had been shot in the head.

The girls had been seen alive at the shop as late as 10pm – they had planned a sleepover together for that night.

The initial investigation spanned nearly eight years. Two men initially confessed to the murders and were convicted but they were released by 2009 due to lack of evidence. As of 2011 Austin police department has five cold-case detectives working on the case.

Scott Blackwood was living in Austin at the time and he remembered how the media took away the girls identities and because of that Scott wanted to capture their essence that he felt had been lost – via this book.

See How Small is a beautiful book that blends multiple points of view to give the reader the full impact of the ripple effects from the day these young lives were cut short.

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