All Monkeys Love Bananas by Sean E Avery is a truly unique picture book.

Sean is a Western Australian Graphic designer, author, sculptor and illustrator whose artwork is featured both here and in the USA. Sean commenced work at the ripe young age of 12 with his own Sunday column in the local paper. He has since gone on to carve himself a career in sculpture using recycled man-made materials. Sean wrote, illustrated and co-designed All Monkeys Love Bananas.

All Monkeys Love Bananas is a wonderful book for the imaginative and tactile young reader. The cute and active monkeys on the front cover are made of felt and their hilarious antics start here.

The book tells the story of young Lou McGrew who is not your average monkey.  He is sick of bananas and when he visits his bunny friend, Sue Hopaloo, he discovers that she suffers the same problem with carrots.

Apart from the hilarious illustrations that accompany the text, I think young readers will be engaged with the story itself. How many young kids encounter food dislikes in their lifetime and come up with creative ways of dealing with them?

This book has a kind of Dr Seuss flavour, but Sean E Avery has his own unique and appealing style.

All Monkeys Love Bananas is published by Fremantle Press, and it’s easy to see why this book has been chosen as one of 26 books Australia-wide to feature in the Hello! From Australia exhibition at the 2012 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

You can check out Sean E Avery’s website at