USER REVIEW WINNER: 50 Steps to Lose 50kg and Keep it Off by Sally Symonds

50 Steps to Lose 50kg and Keep it Off by Sally Symonds
Reviewed by AliceE

At last, a weight loss book that doesn’t tell you to give up an entire food group or live entirely on protein. Sally’s book is based on personal experience, so all of the steps she gives here are actually achievable for a normal human being.

There are loads of practical and creative strategies to help you incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your life while still going about your daily existence – going to work, doing the school run, etc – and still doing things you enjoy that involve food, like eating out. If there’s one thing this book has taught me, it’s that getting fit and healthy doesn’t mean giving up all the good things in life!

Since Sally’s own weight loss story is the basis of the advice she gives, this is also a much more enjoyable read than most other weight loss books. It’s honest, funny, and inspiring – and if it worked for Sally, it can work for you, too!

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