Review – Green

Seeing colour through the eyes of an artist is vital for children. It expands their visual horizons, especially when done with the raw simplicity of Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

Green is just that. Green. Green in all manner of shades and hues, tints and tones. There’s forest green. Lime green. Sea green and fern. There’s slow green, wacky green, glow green and never green.

There’s green in ways you never thought green could be – and all smooshed and slapped and scraped and scratched into imagery that’s so completely touchable, little hands will surely smooth their way over the fingerpainterly texture of each page. Even grown ups, like me, will smooth their hands over the fingerpainterly texture of each page.

To add to the textural delight, Vaccaro Seeger has added cleverly-placed cutouts that show through to preceding and upcoming pages, tying the colours and themes together perfectly.

Her use of abstract concepts are also clear and simply done, bringing a level of sophistication and emotional connection that could have been so easily lost in a book for ‘toddlers’.

Indeed, this book is perfect for toddlers but it’s also perfect for retirees – and therein lies its magic.

Green is published by Roaring Brook Press.