As the author of A Duel of Words about the battle in the Bulletin newsaper between Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson, I’ve always had a fascination for these writers, and believe they shaped an important part of our history.

So I was very excited to see some of their works brought to life again for young readers in Oakie’s Outback Adventures, a new series by Troy Dann.

Troy Dann was the original outback hero. He brought the outback into a staggering 100 million homes when his top rating lifestyle series, Outback Adventures With Troy Dann was at its peak.

Troy’s enthusiasm and passion for Australian culture, literature and songs comes through in his new collection, Oakie’s Outback Adventures.

Oakie’s Outback Adventures is a 5 book collection of beautifully crafted  hardcover books with striking 3D illustrations. Each book is an adaptation of works by a well loved Australian writer.

These books reflect Troy’s love for his country and his determination to “preserve our heritage from the onslaught of commercialised American film culture.

The books for children aged 4-10 years include:

The Man From Snowy River

Waltzing Matilda

The Loaded Dog

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle

A Bush Christening

Troy has found a unique way to bring these much loved classics into the Australian home. The set of five would make a great Christmas gift.

They also make a colourful and important edition to any school library.

Oakie’s Outback Adventures are created by Troy Dann with images by AUS Animations.

They are published by New Holland Publishers and have their own website.