Road Tested: Save With Jamie by Jamie Oliver


Review – Save With Jamie by Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s last two cookbooks have both been about finding smarter ways to cook quickly. His new book is about finding smarter ways to cook and save money. I loved 30 Minute Meals and still cook from it regularly but felt that 15 Minute Meals did compromise on taste in places and it hasn’t kept it’s place in my regular recipe line up. For me Jamie’s Ministry of Food is still the pinnacle of his cookbooks and I still cook from it at least once, if not twice, a week.

The best thing about the new book is there is no time limit! I must confess to feeling the pressure of the clock with 30 Minute Meals and 15 Minute Meals and cooking much more of a pleasure without racing the clock or having 3 things going at once, all in a particular order.

Save With Jamie is split into Vegetarian, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork and Seafood and contains lots of other money saving tips along the way. The meat sections all begin with a “Mothership” recipe, a large roast with an affordable cut of meat designed to give you leftovers. Half the chapter then has recipes using these leftovers (although it would have been good to include an alternative to the leftovers). Jamie has included a great range of different recipes from stir fries to curries to pasta, pizzas and burgers. I’ve road tested 3 recipes so far and will add more as I cook ‘em:

Sicilian squash & chickpea stew:


easy prep, big flavour, 7/10

Singapore Noodles


really easy prep, big flavour, better than the shops YUM 9/10 (I used a BBQ chicken instead of leftovers)

Penne Peperonata


yummy pasta sauce, dead easy, no jar 7/10

We would love to hear how you gone with the cookbook and which recipes you have enjoyed. Let us know in the comments!

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