A Celebration of an Icon

A Christmas gift packed with retro style and vintage charm!

my-dream-kombiThe Kombi, the iconic Volkswagen van that first rolled off the production line on 12 Nov 1949, ceased production at the end of 2013. A van for the people, nearly everyone has a Kombi story: Peter Falconio vanished from one in the outback, in Men At Work’s Down Under, they travel in a ‘fried-out Kombi’ and generations of young Australians and New Zealanders have relied on Kombis to take them on surfing safaris and to travel meccas.

My Dream Kombi is celebration of this retro icon, with cool photos and fabulous stories of Kombi adventures past and present, as well as tales of stylish makeovers and re-purposing. From the Kombi your hippy parents set off for Byron Bay in back in the 1960s to contemporary refurbs and down ‘n’ dirty Ratties, this book is packed with retro Kombi charm from Australia, New Zealand and other Kombi hotspots.

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