Mr Tripp Smells a Rat is a hilarious Walker Story from Sandy McKay and Ruth Paul.

Walker Stories are great for newly independent readers because they comprise three short and entertaining stories, offering reading in manageable bites. This means a new reader can enjoy the satisfaction of reading an entire story on their own from start to finish.

Mr Tripp Smells a Rat is a fun ratty collection about an escaped rat, a surprise birthday party and an itchy insect invasion; just the sort of thing to delight young readers.

Each story features Lily and her teacher, Mr Tripp.

Mr Tripp is awesome. He is round like a teddy bear and he wears a red shirt that comes out over his tummy.

In the first story, Mr Tripp Smells a Rat. Ricky’s pet rat escapes in the classroom and it’s up to Mr Tripp to save the day, overcoming his own fear in the process.

Mr Tripp also tells terrible jokes that the kids love and this is how the second story, Mr Tripp Eats Some Fish starts. In this story, he keeps everyone entertained with his seafood diet – but there’s a big surprise for Mr Tripp at the end.

The trilogy finishes with Mr Trip Finds a Nit, a great story on a contentious issue. This is a great story for helping take the stigma out of the nit issue common to most classrooms.

This charming early reader has themes of pets, health and hygiene – and there are plenty of jokes and riddles to keep young readers giggling all the way through.

The text by award winning, author Sandy Mckay is hilarious and the young readers will find Ruth Paul’s comical illustrations irresistible.

A second Walker Stories title featuring this loveable character will be published later this year. Keep your eye out for Mr Tripp Goes for a Skate.