Mr Sergeant and the Dodgeballs of Doom is a hilarious new book by Matt Porter set at Outback Creek Primary School.

It features Steele Buckle, class leader of Grade 6 B, in charge of a mission – to defeat the Dads in the annual Dodgeball Challenge.

The kids have never won and Steele knows that victory is not going to come easily. The Dads are prepared to fight to the death – even cheat to win.

To make matters worse, all the kids are not on Steele’s side. Radley and Weasel have always hated Steele and it seems as if they don’t care if the dads win or the kids get wiped out in the process.

And Steele doesn’t think the crazy new relief teacher, Mr Sergeant is going to be any help either. Mr Sergeant is ex-military and thinks the class needs to be run like a battalion. He also has weird ideas like “Bricks deserve respect.” Mr Sergeant even gives the bricks names like Barry and tells Radley and Weasel, “You’ll never be half the brick Barry is.”

But Steele soon realises the the Crazy Relief Teacher’s skills might be just what they need to win this war and that smart thinking could win the day.

Mr Sergeant and the Dodgeballs of Doom is full of funny and likeable characters and there’s plenty of action to keep readers entertained.

Author, Matt Porter is a primary school teacher and his grasp of the classroom and the players in it is very evident in the Dodgeballs of Doom. Clearly he knows just how schoolyard politics works and the quirky Mr Sergeant and loyal Steele will endear themselves to readers.

Mr Sergeant and the Dodgeballs of Doom is published by Celapene Press for readers aged 8+.

I can see this being a book that kids who love sport but not necessarily reading, would be happy to take home.