Books, But Not Like You Know Them

Mini Modern ClassicsFor those of us who love books, the thought, sight, or smell of them is enough to make us want to put the out-of-office on and take the rest of the day off to read. The ebook shift/revolution (I think it’s the former, but maybe one day it will be the latter) is making us rethink what books are and what form they come in. I thought it appropriate to, in this blog, feature some ‘different’ takes on books, their formats, and their uses.

Organising The Bookcase

For the OCD among us, this video will shock and awe. Shock, because you can understand the sentiment but can’t believe someone’s actually taken the time to do rearrange their books in such a fastidious fashion and then film it. Awe, because it’s brilliant and you are absolutely itching to do it. Oh, you’ll love how he even credits the books at the end in order of their appearance.

The Uniform Project

Stretching the concept of the book, this online picture book documents a one-year project in images. Dubbed ‘the story of one girl and her little black dress’, The Uniform Project took one dress and reinvented it 365 ways instead of buying new clothes and, in the process, raised money to send kids to school. I love that it combines the concepts of a video, a blog, and a flip book into a very watchable little film. And it makes me wish I could be as inventive and fashion-savvy!

Ever-Popular Penguins

Then there’s the ever-popular Popular Penguins, which just keep bringing us inspiration. You can download and complete a cute crossword, download complete lists of the titles and the most popular of those titles. You can also salivate over the forthcoming Mini Modern Classics. Who needs McCain? Ah, Penguin, you’ve done it again!