I was drawn to this book immediately because I love David Miller’s artwork. His colourful paper sculptures are amazing.

And in Millie’s Special Something, David’s artwork works so well with Tania Cox’s simple cumulative text.

Big, bad Reggie loves to scare Millie.

It’s fun. But not for Millie. It’s frightening!

Her friends each have a special something to feel brave.

So why doesn’t she? Or does she?

Millie’s Special Something is a positive book about friendship and loyalty. When Reggie threatens Millie, all her friends come to her defence and protect her from the fearsome Reggie who is so much bigger and stronger than Millie.

But Millie knows that somehow she’s going to have to find her own way of dealing with Reggie and stopping him from scaring her. She discovers the solution quite by accident, but soon realises that it’s a very powerful tool.

This is a poignant story of a little dinosaur’s quest to find out what’s special about her, and to live in a world without fear. It’s a book about self-esteem and facing up to the things that scare you.

Millie’s Special Something is a great book for class discussions or for reading in the home and getting kids to talk about the things that scare them, and helping them to overcome them.

Young readers will also love the fact that the characters and setting are from the age of the early dinosaurs.

Millie’s Special Something is for pre-school and early primary readers. It’s written by Tania Cox and illustrated by David Miller.

Millie’s Special Something is published by Working Title Press.