VIDEO POST: Michael Porta reflects on Sydney-shattering crimes

Evil In The Suburbs by Cindy Wockner and Michael Porta
Sydney will never be the same. In August 2000 a gang of rapists lured 12 victims from train stations and via the internet in a series of planned attacks. One 16-year-old was staked to the ground by a dozen men and raped repeatedly. Another young teenager was assaulted by 14 men up to 25 times at three different locations. Last week the ringleader of the rapists was sentenced to 55 years for his part in the gang rapes, making headlines across Australia and internationally. His brother is due to be sentenced next week. Apart from the acts of violence, the rape cases have caused volatile debate about race and religion in Australia. The rapists were Lebanese Muslims and, in several cases the men used racial slurs, calling their victims “Aussie bushpigs” and telling them they should try it “Lebo style”. The cases have focused attention on the whole idea of multiculturalism and what it means to be Australian and they have split the Muslim/Christian communities of western Sydney. This book will tell the full story of each of the cases – beginning with the first rape which occurred just as Sydney was dressing up for the 2000 Olympics. It will cover the police investigations, the crucial role of an Arabic speaking, Muslim police officer who first discovered a link between the attacks, the stories of the women and their vindication after the massive jail sentences delivered in court, and the thinking of men and women in the Muslim community so wounded by the actions of its 14 sons.

Click HERE for an interview with former police officer and co-author Michael Porta.