Review – Fredrik Goes Bananas!

Fredrik the gull lives on an icy island where everyone loves fish. Fish for breakfast. Fish for lunch. Fish for dinner. Fish of all types and sizes.

It’s clearly no wonder that one day – whilst tucking into his rotten shark fin soup – Fredrik realises something. He’s sick of fish. The townsfolk are so shocked, they think he’s gone bananas.

Fredrik knows he has to do something about his fishy problem, so he sends away for some mysterious supplies and starts building a mysterious object. It has a wooden frame and glass panels and is built directly over the hot springs that pouf warm steam into the air. What on earth could he be doing? The townsfolk are baffled, his wife is verklempt – she is so dazed and upset by her husband’s antics, she can only be revived by the smell of fresh mackerel!

After some time, a very special plant grows in the mysterious greenhouse. I won’t spoil the surprise but let’s just say it’s not only Fredrik who ends up going bananas!

This is a sweet, simple story with kooky undertones – my kind of kids’ book – and of course, it’s so easy to love Cheryl Orsini’s divine imagery, as evocative and delightful, as always.


Fredrik Goes Bananas! is published by Scholastic.