Dr Mark Norman wins Wilderness Society award for The Great Barrier Reef Book

From Black Dog Books:

We’re proud to tell you that our very own Dr Mark Norman has done it again, this time winning the Wilderness Society’s award for Children’s Literature. The award is given to a book that promotes environmental values and a sense of caring and responsibility for the environment.

The Great Barrier Reef Book : Solar Powered
by Dr Mark Norman
This beautifully presented book takes a look inside one of the natural wonders of the world, introducing young readers to some of the wondrous creatures that live within it. It likens the reef to a gigantic forest powered by the sun and teeming with life, a biodiversity that is sadly threatened by global warming. The book offers many suggestions on what each of us can do to help prevent this. Dr Mark Norman is the head of Science at the Melbourne Museum and a world expert of octopuses, squids and cuttlefish.  Take a look at the award here.
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