No wonder kids love the Mates Series published by Scholastic. These ‘Great Australian Yarns’ are hilarious.

Written for readers aged 8+ these junior novels have hilarious full colour illustrations and easy to read text designed to extend the readers vocabulary.

Captain Blunderbolt is the latest great Mate. Written by Carol Martin and Illustrated by Loren Morris. Captain Blunderbolt tells the story of a hapless bushranger who just can’t seem to get things right. In fact, the bushranger is just plain bad at his job. Alberta, Maudie and Tully think they know who he is but they are definitely on the wrong track.

When a trap is set for Captain Blunderbolt they are terrified he might fall into it, but Miss Chumley the school teacher saves the day.

Only the most astute readers will anticipate the hilarious twist at the end.

Captain Blunderbolt is another fun read in the Mates series.