Review – Wild Alphabet

If you’re anything like me – completely obsessed with pop-up books, you’ll need only take a peek at the very first page of Wild Alphabet to know it’s a must-add to any collector shelf.

Yes yes, I’m ashamed to say it’s one of those books you’re reluctant to hand to a child under 12 – not lest they get too much joy from it, because that’s a given – bur rather because they might want to tug a little too hard at it or even eat it.

Indeed – I want to eat it.

So, if you’re happy enough to buy two copies – one for eating and tugging, and one for standing on a shelf to pluck and hold and gently turn pages and ooh and ahh over before replacing on said shelf – you will thoroughly enjoy this book without a heart-wrenching page rip in earshot.

Featuring animals from A to Z, each letter of the alphabet magically pops open to reveal a beautifully-crafted, artistic pop-up of said animal. Each left hand page also features a full animal drawing and jaunty text on that animal, complete with delightful typesetting.

With concept and design by Mike Haines and paper engineering by Julia Frohlich, this is true gorgeousness. And it’s fun. Even for kids.

Wild Alphabet is published by Kingfisher.