Grandpa talks about his war adventures all the time. And Harry loves listening. His father was a soldier too, in a different war. But Harry never knew his dad, and his mother won’t talk about him. In finding out why, Harry discovers a deeper truth, one that will change his life forever.

Some wards don’t just happen on a battlefield…

Harry’s War by John Heffernan is a book about truth, discovery and consequences.

Harry is confused. His grandfather is a war hero and his father was in a war that nobody talks about. Harry’s not stupid. He knows there’s a secret about Dad that everyone else knows – that the whole family is keeping from him. Harry has a feeling it has something to do with the way Dad died.

But what’s the secret and how is Harry going to find out? And when he does, is he going to be able to cope with the truth?

Harry is a typical adventurous kid, always getting his best friend Will into scrapes and becoming increasingly unpopular with Will’s family. Lately life seems to be throwing up so many challenges, but Harry is a courageous kid who faces things head on and proves himself to both Will and his family.

Harry’s War by John Heffernan is a book about friendship, loyalty and heroes. And finding explanations that make sense, that a young boy can live with. It’s also learning how to deal with people who disappoint you.

Harry’s War is a powerful novel published by Scholastic for readers aged 10+, examining truths about family and war.

The relationships between the characters are authentic and Harry is a brash but vulnerable boy who draws the reader into the story.

Although there are many difficult things for Harry to deal with, the reader is left with a feeling of hope that Harry will overcome all the obstacles that are being put in his path. That Harry will find his own way in the world in spite of the past.

Harry’s War is a tension filled story that confronts important issues head on and presents them in a way that young readers will readily relate to.

Harry’s War is published by Scholastic.