Did Jessica Shirvington predict the Apple Watch?

The destructive technology in Jessica Shirvington’s duology may not be as futuristic as it seems 

When a certain multinational corporation announced the creation of the Apple Watch, 9780732298609Jessica Shirvington fans were buzzing.

Not because they were excited about Apple’s newest product but because the watch bears an eerie resemblance to the M-band technology used in Shirvington’s Disruption duology.

‘When I started writing, I never guessed that, before the second book was even released, a similar concept of technology and design would be hitting the ‘real-world’ market,’ says Shirvington. ‘It’s exciting, but after having taken just one fictional road exploring how far things could go…it is somewhat daunting as well.’

An evolution of the smartphone, the M-band can do everything from monitoring your heartbeat to determining the identity of your perfect match.  The technology, created with seemingly good intentions, goes on to ruin lives and tear families apart.

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