HOPSCOTCH – Golden Scarab by Ian Trevaskis

Golden Scarab is the second action packed adventure in the Hopescotch series by Ian Trevaskis. A game of hopscotch and a simple chant is all it takes to transport Hannah and Jake into an ancient world of treachery and danger.

After a hazardous adventure in book 1, Hopscotch, The Medusa Stone, Hannah and Jake are reluctant to play, but  Kostas the  Game Master of the Gods has promised them an amazing prize if they bring him back three things from Ancient Egypt.

They must take a shabti to the tomb of Thutmose the Third and swap it. As well as the exchanged shabti, they must bring back the Sorcerer’s Sceptre and the Pharaoh’s flail.

At first their task doesn’t seem too onerous, especially when the sceptre falls into Jake’s hands not long after they arrive in Egypt. Problem is that the Golden Scarab, which is their means of getting back to their present day homes has been stolen by tomb raider Osorkon

To make matters worse, it soon becomes apparent that Osorkon is working for the traitor, Siptah who has been charged with the task of taking them to The Valley of the Kings to place the shabti in the tomb of Thutmose the Third.

Siptah has organised an ambush, and Hannah, Jake and their guide and friend, Shakura soon find themselves locked in a tomb without weapons and with little hope of survival. Luckily they come across some scrolls that Shakura can read and guide them to safety.

Young readers will be enthralled with the action and engaged with the great characters and the subtle humour. Golden Scarab also has educational value for young reader studying Ancient Egypt. There’s a comprehensive glossary at the back of the book full of fascinating facts about ancient Egypt.

This historical adventure is also a story about loyalty and friendship. It is published by Walker Books for readers aged 9-12.