Zombies and Darth Vader

I love picture books! I have a four-year-old, so I reads LOTS of picture books to her. But I also read picture books for my own pleasure. And I want to tell you about two rather unusual ones that I LOVE!

Zombies! They’re the in thing, aren’t they? Everybody seems to love ‘em. People even like to dress up like them. It seems like every state in this country has an annual zombie walk. Now, zombies are usually scary. Sometimes they can be funny as well (think Shaun of the Dead). Recently, they’ve also been romantic — case in point: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. But a picture book about zombies?

Zombies Hate Stuff is a picture book, written and illustrated by Greg Stone. And it is BRILLIANT! Basically, this book is a series of lists divided into 4 sections: “Zombies Hate…”, “Zombies Don’t Mind…”, “Zombies Really Hate…” and “Zombies Love…”. Each list item has its own page and its own highly amusing picture. So, by reading this book, you can discover that zombies hate kittens, but they don’t mind mimes; they really hate bagpipes, but they love… Well, there’s only one item in this last section and I’m not about to spoil the surprise. 🙂

Despite the gruesome subject matter, the illustrations are cute and never gory.

Zombies Hate Stuff is a really cool book!

So is Darth Vader and Son, written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown. Okay… so you have to be a Star War fan to like this book. But who isn’t? 🙂

This book is a series of scenes from a Star Wars reality that never was. A “what if?” scenario in which Darth Vader raises his son, Luke Skywalker, (OMG… I hope I haven’t just spoiled The Empire Strikes Back for anyone.) and engages in a bit of father-and-son bonding. They play baseball with a lightsaber, they go trick-or-treating with Luke as a stormtrooper (“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”) and they visit the garbage compactor aboard the Death Star. The illustrations are cartoonish and very engaging, with lots of wonderful detail. A fun book! An there’s a follow-up book — Darth Vader’s Little Princess.

I bought these books for myself. Who would have thought that both my kids would love them as well? Now I have to share them.

zombie book IMG_0406

Catch ya later,  George

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