WINNERS: Life, Death and Detention

Last week I ran a giveaway for my latest book, Life, Death and Detention. There are only two copies to give away, but some great answers… making it rather difficult to decide on the winners. But, of course, I have to force myself to pick some. So here goes…

Entrants simply had to tell me why I should give them a copy. Simple enough.

First up we have Deb, who wrote:

My copy would go straight into my Secondary College Library – to be shared by 1200 teenage readers!

Wow! So many students. How could I say no?

And then we have Ramisa:

Something draws me in about teenagers. Being one myself, I feel as if we’re the most misunderstood stage of human development. Treated like children and yet, expected to act like adults. It’s when we’re old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, but young enough to allow temptation to dominate.

From a simple description of your book, I know instantly I’ll be captivated. There’s nothing quite like seeing how somebody else perceives teenagers, and some of these many short-stories will strike similar to incidents I’ve faced/will face. 
As somebody with a future ahead of me, there’s no greater comfort than knowing somebody, regardless of their fictional properties, is going through the same things-whether it be uplifting, depressing, or plain worrisome.


P.S: As a shameless repeat of Deb’s comment, I never keep physical properties of books; I always hand them over to my school library.

Ramisa, I like your description of teenagers. And I like the fact that you’ll pass on the book when you’re finished with it. And I like your honesty about the “shameless repeat”. 🙂

So those are the two winning entries. But I do also have to give honourable mention to one other. No book! Just a mention. Author Michelle Heeter wrote a cheeky entry that referenced the guest post she wrote for my blog a couple of weeks ago. Way to go Michelle. 🙂

Hi George, I should get a copy of your book because of that hilarious blog post I wrote about How to Annoy a Writer.

You should all check out that guest post. It really was very funny. You should also check out her novel, Riggs Crossing, which is pretty damn good too (see my review).

Catch ya later,  George

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Announcing the Claudia Gray ‘Hourglass’ Giveaway Winners

Hey Hourglass entrants!

I was totally overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the entries received for the Claudia Gray Hourglass giveaway. As a result I spent the weekend judging and agonising over ‘the longlist’, then ‘the shortlist’, and finally, I whittled the list down (with much more agonising and second-guessing my choices) to the five winners who are each going to receive a copy of Hourglass.

I definitely feel content with my final decision, and if you didn’t win this time, never fear! If I look into my crystal ball I see more giveaways in the future…

Anyhoo, the readers were asked to write in 25 words or less:

“What’s the best OR worst thing about being immortal?”

So, without further ado, here are the five winners (in no particular order):

Chris, who said:

“Having to wear the clothing of the period to fit in; from corsets to tracky dackies. Could be fun in some eras, definitely horrible in others.”

Dean, who said:

“The best thing is that I’d never have to say …. “so many lovely women, so little time …””

Lesley, who said:

“Worst thing about being immortal is that you stop growing and maturing. I appreciate my mind and body more at 37 compared to my 20s.”

Jodie, who said:

“Immortal forever sounds a dream,
but that lily white skin! I’d scream!”

Courtenay, who said:

“The worst thing about being immortal would be hiding the fact – could you imagine how many people would want ‘in’ on the secret!


Expect an email from me soon, guys, and congratulations!