Author, Bill Condon always manages to get right to the heart of young adults and the issues they face. His book Give Me Truth, a story about family breakdown is no exception.

Teens, Caitlin and David have a lot more in common than they realise. Aside from attending the same school and being involved in the same play, they are both watching their families fall apart in a dramatic and violent way.

They are also alike in that they want to know what’s really going on inside their homes, and they have their own ideas about how it can be fixed.

One of the strengths of Give Me Truth is that it doesn’t shy away from reality. Bill Condon has created beautiful characters who face a difficult and ugly truth.

Give Me the Truth is about ordinary teens going through common family problems, but it’s they way these characters talk and act that makes them unique and authentic. They are teens who see outside themselves and dare to enter the world of someone else’s pain.


I said, Come outside for a while, Dad.’

But he was in another place to us, much too far away to hear. He kicked at the door and broke through the outer layer, leaving splinters and the imprint of his shoe.


Hi Mum,

I’ve gone out looking for boys with Megan.

(To audition for a play, really!)

Won’t be long. Hope you’re feeling better.

Love from your adorable oldest child

and future star, Caitlin


Give Me Truth is another powerful, memorable novel from Bill Condon, the award winning author of Confessions of a Liar, Thief and Failed Sex God.