Who Is Rosie Black?

Recently, I caught up with WA author Lara Morgan, creator of the action-packed new YA futuristic fantasy series, The Rosie Black Chronicles set in Perth 500 years into the future. (First book Genesis came out this month). Lara was in Melbourne for WorldCon and apart from writing, we chatted for a long time about the future, climate change and space travel to Mars – all of which are featured in Lara’s new book. She says,

I read Tim Flannery’s book and it got me thinking what is our country going to be like if seas rise? What kind of world are we going to be left with? I was interested in exploring the idea.

To celebrate the release of Genesis, Lara is taking her book on a blog tour and I’m delighted to say that it starts right here, right now at Kids’ Book Capers.

I loved Rosie’s bravery and independence, the courage with which she faces the death of her mother and a father who has been severely damaged. Rosie is a great heroine who also has believable flaws like impatience and an inability to ask for help when she really needs it.

Here to tell us more about Rosie is Lara Morgan.

Who is Rosie Black?

The funny thing about Rosie Black is I got to know her aunt, Essie, before I met Rosie. I wrote this short story about a woman called Essie who was a spaceship pilot. She was cool, sassy and just a little bit rude and I thought she was pretty fabulous but the story never quite worked. Then I got the idea of writing a YA novel and I started building this futuristic world and realised it was, essentially, Essie’s world and that Essie Black had a niece called Rosie. It wasn’t even like I had to sit and think about it for a long time and force the creation of this character. Rosie just existed. She introduced herself and we started getting to know each other.

I say ‘introduced herself’ because, even though it makes me sound a bit mad, I do feel with all my characters that they’re real on some level. I may not be able to talk to them face to face, but it’s as if they’re there, maybe in a parallel dimension waving at me across the void. Except Rosie wouldn’t wave, she’s not that kind of girl. She’d probably just raise her eyebrows, frown a bit then find a way to send me a message.

When I was figuring out who Rosie was I had to make sure I had a character who reflected the awful world she lived in but who also wasn’t devoid of hope. I mean, Rosie’s mother has died and her father is messed up and she lives in a crappy part of town, but she still hasn’t lost a sense that she could be more, do more with her life than what she’s been dealt.

She still has some hope, even when things get really bad she doesn’t give up. And she does things herself.  I really wanted a heroine who wasn’t waiting to be rescued, who could rescue herself if need be, but not have to be some super hero karate expert to do it.

Having a character like that of course affects the way the plot will go. And there were a few times when I would plot something out then realise as soon as I went to write it that there was just no way Rosie would do that, or react like that so it was back to the drawing board, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

So who is Rosie Black? Well Rosie is that girl who sits in the back of the class and doesn’t speak much, she’s the girl you see alone at lunch time, the one who doesn’t go to parties, the misfit, but you get the feeling she likes it that way.

Oh and she’s not a ‘beautiful but doesn’t know it’ girl. She’s attractive enough but she’s trying to save the world and doesn’t have time for an eyebrow wax. Although she would rather her hair was straighter, but we all want what we haven’t got don’t we? I hope you like her.

Find out more about Rosie Black and win a copy of Genesis at Lara’s blog: http://laramorgan.wordpress.com

Or check out the new Rosie Black book trailer and website at http://www.rosieblack.com

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