Interview with the Rotten Vampire: Claudia Gray (Part 1)

I was incredibly lucky to score an interview with the fantastic Claudia Gray, author of the Hourglass book I gave away on this blog a few weeks ago. Thanks so much HarperCollins – she’s a charmer!

Hi Claudia, hope you have a smashing time while you’re in Australia, and thank you in advance for taking the time to answer the questions from an Evernight fan.
So, is the Evernight series something that hit you as late-night inspiration, or had you been working on the idea for years?

More late-night inspiration, though it wasn’t an all at once type of thing. But I’ve been fascinated with vampires and all kinds of frightening creatures since I was a small child.

Describe the main character Bianca in 3 words, all starting with the letter ‘V’:


How did you celebrate when you first realised you had a publishing deal?

I was more in shock than anything else. Though I went out to dinner with a few friends that evening, I actually had to cut it short and head to the outskirts of town, where I was catsitting for a friend. It was a bit of a comedown, so I told the cat my news. She was unenthused.

Finish this sentence: the main difference between Chuck Bass (from the TV and book series Gossip Girl) and Balthazar is….

Oh, I’ve never watched “Gossip Girl.” Maybe it’s that Balthazar is still waiting for his TV/movie deal?

What did your school experience have in common with Evernight Academy?

Sadly little. If ONLY I’d had a Lucas and a Balthazar at my school. If ONLY.

Name the one book character from any book you wouldn’t mind drinking the blood of if you had the chance:

There is absolutely no character for which that is true. Drinking blood = yuck. I’d make a rotten vampire.

Which author are you hating on right now?

This will sound corny, but it’s the truth — the more I write, the more I realize how hard this is, and the less I “hate on” other writers. This is a tough business, both in terms of the writing itself and dealing with the inevitable bumps and scrapes of being (barely) in the public eye. Any time spent “hating on” someone is time wasted. I spend my time thinking about the stuff I love.

[Awwww. Stay tuned for Part 2.]